Cherry Blossom Festival Journal

Sunday April 11th, 2010

1:39 PM – On the bus to go home and watching a move.(Caitlin)

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

5:37 PM – Back at the hotel — WOW the kids did a great job today during the parade! There were lots of comments from the crowd and throughout the day in DC when they saw the kids in the shirts. The announcer mentioned that the Woodside One Wheelers were the youngest performers in the parade this year. Getting ready for dinner. Up early in the morning for breakfast and an 7:00 am departure. (Mr. Pulsifer)

7:15 AM – Wi-Fi is back up!. The Woodside One Wheelers are ready to go! Eating breakfast and the loading onto the bus at 7:45. The parade starts at 10:00 am with our estimated start around 10:30 – 10:45 am. Check out the video feed on the internet. Pictures will be up tonight as long as the Wi-Fi is. (Mr. Pulsifer)

Friday, April 9th, 2010

8:12 AM – We are on the bus and heading into Washington DC for the day. The plan is the Lincoln Memorial, Korean, WWII, Vietnam, The White House, Washington, and then the Air and Space. I will post pictures tonight. (Mr. Pulsifer)

8:15 AM – We made it to the hotel last night! Yay! we are headed for a monument tour. the bus is really quiet now. we’re very tired. can’t wait for tomorrow! 😀 (Courtney) I woke up early and tired. now we’re on the bus and we’re still tired. (Caitlin)

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

6:18 PM – We are all checked into the hotel and getting ready for a team pizza dinner at 6:30 PM. Then off to bed and up early for touring around D.C. tomorrow. (Mr. Pulsifer)

5:02 PM – We just went through Baltimore. Around 1/2 hour to go! (Mr. Pulsifer)

4:51 PM- It’s been a long bus ride but we are almost there. Watching the end of “Milo and Otis.” (by Connor Dailey)

4:27 PM – Were so bored the bus ride is so long were all going CRAZY! (by Stedman)

hi! peps :p im so bored we woke up so early to get on a bus and set for 14 hours! can’t wait to get to the hotel and get settled in and to be in the parade i love you mom and dad thank nana see you when I get back

4:18 PM – Almost there, watching milo and otis (movie), tired, I LOVE SKITTLES! (Courtney) P.S i like cheese more than Courtney! (Caitlin) lol not as hyper a before… kinda tired…. i figured out that u can eat the wrapper of stride gum with it and it will turn into actual gum! (Kristin)

3:42 PM – Back on the road and into Delaware. We are about 1.5 hours from the hotel (minus any traffic) (Mr. Pulsifer)

2:55 PM – Coming up on our last stop before the final stretch. We should arrive at the hotel a little after 5:00 pm (Mr. Pulsifer)

12:48 PM – I gave Sawyer a pair of my toe-socks, and my flip-flops. His toe nails are painted, he put his foot behind his head, and now he wants to go shopping for some more flip-flops, toe-socks, and nail polish. This is one fun bus ride! lol ;D (Kristin)

11:45 AM – Kristin and Courtney and caitlin again! 😀 still crazy/hyper … cameras everywhere … NOSE! =D =D =D lol just fished playing a game… robin won. poop. haha (caitlin say hi :D:D:D:D) (love, Courtney, Kristin, Caitlin, I ❤ u!)

11:33 AM – Heading down I-95 in CT towards New York City. Coming up on our lunch break stop in about a half and hour.

9:55 am – Hey! It’s Kristin and Courtney! We are trying to get all of our immatureness out.. ha ha

yeah right! We’re watching (“watching”) Happy Feet right now. (Kristin & Courtney) =D

9:48 am – Back on the road.. Next stop Darien, CT (Mr. Pulsifer)

9:28 am – Coming up on our first stop in Charlton, MA. (Mr. Pulsifer)

6:20 am – The bus departed from Woodside Elementary School. A big WOW thank you to Jon Cahill and the Gym Dandies for giving us a surprise snack for the trip. (Mr. Pulsifer)

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