Memorial Day Parade 2012 in pictures

Memorial Day Parade 2012 in pictures

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FromĀ Wicked Good Maine:

Every year in Topsham and Brunswick, Maine, a celebratory parade and heartfelt ceremonies mark the observance of Memorial Day. Mainers and visitors from all over the midcoast region flock to Topsham, the town just across the Androscoggin River from Brunswick.

The Brunswick-Topsham Memorial Day Parade honors Vietnam War veterans. The parade begins at Monument Place in Topsham after a 9 a.m. ceremony, said parade chairwoman Mary Jewell.

Marchers head down Main Street, stop at the Frank J. Wood Bridge for a short ceremony and continue onto Maine Street in Brunswick to the gazebo on the Mall. The gazebo is the site of a number of speeches and musical performances.

WOW at your school

WOW at your school

Interested in having the Woodside One Wheelers perform at your school or community event?

The Woodside One Wheelers are available to perform at school and community events. We feature approximately up to 50 students on unicycles (including up to 25 on 5′ unicycles), 3 to 5 walking globes, juggling, stilts, and other circus arts skills. For school performances, part of the program also includes a message surrounding goal setting, hard work, and self confindence. Performances range from 7 – 8 minutes for a half time show up to 45 minutes for a full performance.

If you are intersted in having the Woodside One Wheelers perform at you school or community event please contact Mr. Eric Pulsifer at 207-725-1243 or email –

My Unicycle Hockey Quest

By Jack, grade 6

Unicycle hockey is the coolest thing. It is a sport that combines the uniqueness of unicycling with the fast-paced action of hockey. I like fast and action-packed sports. I have played hockey for about eight years.

This past summer I learned to ride a unicycle. I first came across the sport of unicycle hockey when I read an article about it in the Wall Street Journal. I was so excited about this sport that I contacted a member of the Massachusetts Unicycle Club in Berkshire, MA. The player I communicated with encouraged me to recruit some friend and start a team. His advice was to forget about balancing on the unicycle and focus on the game of hockey. He said at my young age my body could do amazing things and before I knew it, riding a unicycle would be second nature to playing unicycle hockey.

I am now motivated to combine my unicycle and hockey skills to see if I can play unicycle hockey competitively. I want to become a great unicycle hockey player and join the Berkshire, Massachusetts Unicycle Hockey Club. Continue reading