Ride with us NOW!

‘Thanks’ to an incredible amount of time, work and effort by many to put together this unique documentary depicting what life is like being a Woodside One Wheeler.

See how rewarding being a member of the Woodside One Wheelers can be, which includes part of a half-time performance for the Maine Red Claws Basketball…

click on this link! (Some devices will not be able to play this video)


Brought to you by Incredible MAINE

A special ‘Thanks’ to The Wilkinson Family for the underwriting of the video

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Want MORE?! How about YOU come with us NOW and ride in a live performance with a view from a helmet CAM- click HERE and hang on…. it’s awesome!

A special thanks to Jeremy Engel for posting it to our facebook page and his Son Aidan, a former seasoned experienced performance rider, for wearing the helmet cam!