For Parents

To the Parents & Guardians of Woodside One Wheelers new members…

First of all, ‘thank you’ for allowing your child to join the Woodside One Wheelers. This is a special group that encourages children to take risks, challenge themselves to get better, build unique skills, and most importantly, to boost self-confidence. Your child will have the opportunity to perform at various performances throughout the year and march in parades. It is important for your child to practice safely at home as much as possible in order to improve skills (juggling is the easiest to do at home). This will allow them to succeed much quicker then if they only practice once a week. Taking part in camp weeks (February, June & July) can be a real boost as they get intensive opportunities to work on their skills more than they would in an hour long practice after school during the academic year.

One of our goals is to allow any child who wants to participate to be able to. The cost of the program helps us build our inventory of supplies and purchasing shirts. If there is ever a financial concern regarding your child’s participation in the program please feel free to contact me. The last thing I want is to have a child not participate because of financial concerns.

If you ever have any questions about your child’s involvement in the Woodside One Wheelers, please contact us at 207-725-1243 or by eMail: or at practice.

Thank you,

Eric Pulsifer, Program Director & Head Coach

andrew & eric

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