Have you ever wondered what it feels like to ride a unicycle, juggle and be in exciting performances? Here is your chance to learn to ride or improve your skills and develop positive relationships while working together while having lots of fun with creative friends and caring supportive coaches!

the dream team

In addition to promoting safety, personal fitness and fun, WOW consistently represents a positive message surrounding goal setting, hard work and self confidence. During time throughout the week, campers work diligently on learning and refining new skills, improving their routines and trying out some new challenges. You can learn to spin plates, juggle scarves, rings, balls and eventually, clubs.

Campers get to try technical riding of unicycles and mastering specific skills such as walking on stilts and balancing on massive mobile globes. A small performance of various levels, at the end of the week, culminates the experience of the camper with family & friends invited to watch.

Our seasoned middle & high school WOW members often make an appearance to help younger campers!

The challenges they encounter at camp help improve physical skills such as balance & coordination and teach many life long lessons in patience, concentration, self ­motivation and perseverance. They are encouraged to carry these skills over into their academic endeavors at school as well!

The Woodside One Wheelers focus is on teamwork, cooperation, respect and building leadership skills. camp friendsThere is a strong sense of unity and trust among the performers who encourage and inspire each other on a daily basis. It is that trust built through the friendships that the riders forge as they work together in unicycle performance routines that embrace our safety standards with each member. We require that each rider wear a properly fitting approved helmet along with wrist, elbow and knee pads (we have extra pads to borrow) during all practices and performances.

Completing 1 week of camp equals 4 months from regular scheduled practices that are held throughout the entire season, due to the intensive time spent at camp and the higher availability to coaching staff along with some of our middle & high school helpers!

DSCN3121IMG_1323 brunswick art walk

Taking part in WOW is exciting and rewarding!

Recent camps have allowed some potential new 3rd grade members to develop new skills while many passed some of their strategic qualifying ‘performance rider’ tests- bringing them to their next performance eligibility level!

IMG_1515 giraffe & short silouette

Our seasoned WOW members got some serious time on perfecting unique maneuvers.

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Summer Vacation camps 2022

OPEN to students ENTERING GRADE 3 & above

week 1- June 21 thru June 24 (Tue-Fri)

week 2- June 27 thru July 1 (Mon-Fri)

Contact the WOW staff for an application:


February 2023 (Tue-Fri) 

School Vacation WOW Camp

*to be announced*

DSCN3044 M. and L. getting ready

This stuff is so much fun!