Community Show PROGRAM

Woodside One Wheelers * Community Show * 2023

Welcome to the Woodside One Wheelers 17th Annual Community Show!

This amazing group of students
work hard to develop circus arts skills and have performed in
over 175 events throughout Maine and the Northeast. This
past November, our group performed in the 101st
Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Thank you for your support of the WOW program and
enjoy the show!

Coaching Staff:
Eric Pulsifer- Director and Head Coach * 17th Season
Steve Spaeth- 11th Season
Jeff Lewis
Mike Langley
Mike Preble
Mandy Candow
Chelsea French
Adam Ward

PROGRAM of events:
Welcome & Introduction
● Opening Routine
● Juggling
● New Riders
● Short Unicycles
○ Snake
○ Stars
○ Backwards
○ Bunny Hops
○ Peg Leg

● Horse Race Relay w/the Gym Dandies from Scarborough

● Scarf & Plater Routine
● Build a star
● The Ultimate Wheel
● Comedy Juggling

● Senior Recognition
○ Piper Dedek
○ Sydney Dufrense
○ Mari Schultz
○ Nick Picard
○ Ella Bergeron

● Stilts
● Giraffes on parade