Video: One Wheelers rolled through the Independence Day 2012 Parade

From the Medill School of Journalism

WASHINGTON — The Woodside One Wheelers turned heads at the Independence Day Parade this week. The group of more than 30 riders made their way down Constitution Avenue as they balanced on one, two and even three wheels. Some of the riders also juggled. The group came all the way from Maine.

All the way from Topsham, Maine, the Woodside One Wheelers rolled their way down to the nation’s capital for the 2012 Independence Day Parade.

The troupe ranges from 3rd to 10th graders, and they came prepared for the day.

Eric Pulsifer: We do a lot of performances throughout the year. The kids work extremely hard. They set goals, they work hard, and they practice.

Every rider has unique style. Some ride on one wheel, two wheels, and even 3. And to add to that, some even juggle.

At noon, the cycles started rolling. As the parade headed down Constitution Avenue, veteran rider Courtney Hall said that even with the huge parade and crowd, she was not nervous.

Courtney Hall: I think I’m more excited than anything else. I don’t really get nervous anymore. I’m a little bit nervous but more excited, especially now that we’re here.

As the crowds cheered, the group did formation and tricks as they carried their American Flags in their hands.

Courtney: It’s a lot of fun to be here with my friends. Some of them, I don’t get to see very often because some of them are a lot younger than me and so it’s a lot of fun to get to spend time with them in D.C.

As they rode down Constitution for more than 6 blocks, it was evident that the One Wheelers were a group at the visitors would never forget.