WOW makes baseball history throwing out the first pitch at a Sea Dogs game on a 3 wheel unicycle!

At 1:00 PM on April 7, 2013 Marie Ring pedaled her 3 wheel unicycle out in front of the pitcher’s mound at Hadlock Field in Portland and made baseball history as she delivered the ceremonial ‘first pitch’ from her perch. It is believed that this is the first time a first pitch has ever been delivered in this manner- certainly at Hadlock!

1st pitch on 3wheeler

It was quite an awesome weekend for Marie who won an exhibition tennis match on Friday, collected four medals as she led Mt. Ararat High School to 3rd place finish at the Science Olympiad on Saturday and made baseball history on Sunday. Marie also had her picture taken with former New York Yankees manager Stump Merrill. Stump was scouting for the Yankees (the Sea Dogs were playing Trenton, which is the Yankees AA team) Stump also has 2 grand-daughters- Lainie and Ella, who rode with the Woodside One Wheelers.

The rest of the WOW team also performed on this cold and blustery day. The opened with a dazzling performance on the pavilion outside the park before the game and then inside the park showing a variety of their skills including the bunny hop, three-wheelers, ultimate wheelers (they have no seats), giraffes and kangaroo-style pedals. The crowd was amazed by their juggling skills- inviting a few to give it a try.

It was another fantastic performance by these amazing athletes!

sea dogs