We were in Philadelphia for our Nations oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Nationally Recognized Woodside One Wheelers performed in the 2018

Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade

celebrating our Nations oldest Thanksgiving Day parade in America’s birthplace– now over 100 years strong as we headed back in 2022 to be a part of more exciting memories!

Thanksgiving Day22 was one of the biggest and most needed Thanksgiving Day Parades yet!


2022 Philly Team Official Photo



waking up the Topsham neighborhood to a special early morning practice….



Philly22 Thanksgiving Day Parade start of the 2 hour parade!

philly thanksgivingday 2022






2018 Philly Parade practice

2018 Philly Parade Group Photo


Nationally televised with thousands of participants, our Woodside One Wheelers took to the streets of Historic Philadelphia for a colorful 1.4 mile parade featuring superior marching bands, creative floats and massive balloon characters towering adjacent to skyscraper buildings!


Our WOW members rolled through the Nation’s most historic square mile…. video

* A major trip for the group and return to the streets of Philly, appearing in the 2017 Independence Day and the 2013 & 2018 Thanksgiving Day Parades*

Phili Thanks 2013


phili Thanks show

from 2018 watch a glimpse of us here…